Wednesday, April 19, 2006

iTunes Recording & Dublin

Amy & I had the opportunity to record with producer & arranger James Banbury (U2, Richard Ashcroft) in his North London Studio last week. We recorded two new acoustic tracks for the iTunes edition of "Uncover The Sky" Amy's album out UK June 5. The tracks will be revealed when the album is launched but they sound great. I had the immense pleasure of laying down acoustic guitars with my beautiful Maton, and silky harmony vocals with my larynx. A hint is that one of the new tracks was written by a very well known Australian singer/songwriter.

I then spent a wonderful Easter holiday in Dublin, and experienced an Irish Easter time. Summer is coming!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

London In Bloom

After the longest winter of my life - 7 months of darkness, wet, damp, cold, and miserable Brits - the sun decided to show up on the weekend. Flowers are in bloom, people started smiling and London is warming up again!! Here are some snaps to show the view. "Come on Spring, Do your thing!" JC

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A 'Beautiful' thing

The Whitlams album 'Little Cloud' debuted at an amazing #1 on the Australian iTunes chart & #4 on the ARIA Album charts this week. The album features James's Co-Write with Tim Freedman "Beautiful As You" which is now the 3rd most downloaded Whitlams song on iTunes Australia. "Little Cloud" is out now through Warner Music Australia. This is very cool indeed.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

St Patrick's Day in Stokey

Quite a few Irish lads and lasses flew over to keep Amy and her friends company on this most Irish of nights. It was a good experience for me to see Green Punch, Guiness, and the sweet sounds of 'Danny Boy' and 'Peggy Gordon' being sung well into the wee hours. Oh and Dave, diid you find your pillow?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Giant Whale on English Lawn!

My creation of a very surreal toy killer whale resting on a giant English Lawn for Norwegian singer/songwriter Robert Post (Mercury) will be published later in the year along with other images from Stylorouge, London. Concept, design and retouching by yours truly, Photography by Simon Fowler, Art Direction by James Cooper & Rob O'Connor at Stylorouge. Robert Post has been number 1 in the radio airplay chart in Italy for the last 3 weeks and is being noticed all over the world. With help from the whale and the Chef!
'Mnemonics' is a collection of memorable visuals which will be published by Rotovision later this year. Among the work selected by Stylorouge are sleeves for Robert Post... Cool huh!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Narnia in Amsterdam

Here's a shot out of the window of the American Hotel in Amsterdam. Looks a bit like Narnia?

Monday, March 13, 2006

James writes song with Tim Freedman for NEW Whitlams Album

For those who bought the US/Japan edition of my album Second Season you will have heard "Beautiful As You". Tim and I have Co-Written a new version which centers around New York for Tim's new album with The Whitlams 'Little Cloud'. It's out this Sunday on Warner/Black Yak in Australia so pick up a copy! Copy and paste this link into your browser to hear a preview of Tim's version of Beautiful As You...

Rock n Roll

A little idea I had for an album cover. Apologies to John Lennon. Photo taken in Dublin not far from Temple Bar by Miss Amy Kelly.

Back from Amsterdam...

Just back from Amsterdam. An incredible show with Amy Kelly supporting the fabulous Lucie Silvas. We played to around 2,500 people in Utrecht with the band. Also, that morning we played on 'Golden Hours' radio show on Radio 2 Holland, and we played acoustic versions of 'Pizza & Wine' and 'Somehwere Down the Road'. They also played 'My Life' from Amy's album "Uncover the Sky" out on the 31st March on Universal in Holland.